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Impediments to Journaling

Srednjevo, Serbia
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I've tried to start keeping journals regularly for years, with very little success. I guess I'm easily distracted, and can't seem to settle in and spend the time necessary to make writing a productive habit. (well, at least except for here, where I'm addicted to 100 word snippets). I guess you could say that the good old BTC is now my journal, and it's fun to relive travel moments looking back through the stories, and the many details I had forgotten or not thought about in some time. But I keep attempting to keep a journal during major trips, carrying the paper and pens necessary and even getting a good start at the beginning of the trip before it bogs down once I've missed a couple of days. The picture illustrates one of the last days of my writing attempts in Serbia. One sunny afternoon after work, we decided to forgo any biking or exploring and enjoy the beautiful day in the yard around our Workaway host's house. Settling in at an outdoor table with no excuse not to write, the exercise met it's usual end with distraction. This time from the furry paws of this playful kitten who refused to be ignored and brought the writing to an end. Of course I could have shooed it away at some point, but who could resist playing with this curious little fellow. Guess I just wasn't meant to be a writer of any substance. So you're stuck with me, 100ish words at a time ;)
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