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If it looks like a Duck...

Duck, NC, United States
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I will confess that I don't love OBX as much as some other people do, but I have had a really good time hanging out in Duck, especially when it's not the absolute top of the season. While you can still get a rental for not top dollar and while the beaches are not as crowded as, say, in July. I would say it's a place where you can somewhat budget travel, as we did one time with the right rental and the right people who don't mind air mattresses or pul out couches, etc. The house would have been a little crowded had it rained, but really I find that during beach days really who wants to be inside? A few of us did things like rent a jet ski, which of course costs quite a few bucks, but a lot of us also just read on the beach, took long walks, bought groceries to put together at Fiod Lion, and had a pretty frugal and fun vacay!
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Sunset Grille & Raw Bar
While other areas of OBX are kinda disappointing with their lack of beachside eating, this place is a real gem if you, like every other human, loves to eat right on the water
Duck Donuts
If you've been to Duck you've hopefully been to Duck Donuts and if you haven't what are you waiting for?


Duck Town Park Boardwalk
This is a nice albeit touristy place to shop and where you can get a nice ice cream cone or coffee with a view

Special activities

Duck Cycle
If you want to rent a bike and cruise around the boardwalk this place is for you

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