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Icelandic Wool

Staðarstaður, Iceland
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Icelandic wool is popular with both the locals and the tourists alike. It is easy to see why this is an important trade for Icelanders considering the number of sheep roaming this hillsides. Supposedly, the wool is composed of two different types of hairs which helps to protect against both wet and cold. I guess this makes since with the type of climate that these sheep live in. I do not wear wool but did purchase a hat, gloves, and wool fabric for knitting (for my mom obviously) as souvenirs. The sweaters are very expensive but looked nice and well made. I specifically remember a nice shop in Vik and several in Reykjavik where wool clothing could be purchased.
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Icewear / Vík Wool
They have several clothing options made from local wool at this store
This shop is located in the main shopping district in Reykjavik

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