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Iceland's most spectacular Game of Thrones filming location

Stóri Núpur, Iceland
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With the popularity of the Game of Thrones, there is a tourist industry developed in Iceland to showcase the country's most spectacular Game of Thrones filming locations. We have seen the series but not that hardcore fans to make a separate tour out of this. But, after doing a little research about the locations we came across to a beautiful valley within our broad travel area. The Gjain Valley some 30 miles interior from Selfoss is a secluded and beautiful valley hidden from the plain sight. We had to drive ~10 km on really rough unpaved road to reach a parking lot at the top of the valley. Then, we followed the stairwell to reach the valley floor which had >20 waterfalls. The drive was not that bad but you do need a high clearance vehicle as there were lots of potholes and loose stones on the road.
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