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Ice Skating On A Sunny Day

Alamo, CA 94507, USA
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While visiting friends in a Northern Californian suburb, we went to the Kristi Yamaguchi Holiday Ice Rink in San Ramon. San Ramon is 40 miles east of San Francisco and seems like an odd place for an ice skating rink but it turns out Kristi Yamaguchi lives close by with her family. With California's moderate climate, we were able to enjoy a morning skate in the sun with short sleeves on during the winter. We were lucky enough to even spot Kristi skating on the rink on a regular Sunday morning. There was no planned special event but Kristi was there with her family celebrating her daughter's birthday.
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THE LOT City Center
a luxurious movie going experience where you can order while you watch

For kids

Central Park Playground
lots of structures to climb; a fountain and a wading river

Points of interest

Alexander Place
kids will enjoy playing in the splash pad or on the grass
San Ramon
40 miles east of San Francisco with an ice skating rink during the holidays


The Slanted Door San Ramon
very expensive dishes; good for a celebration or special occasion
Mendocino Farms
get unlimited samples to try at the front door before you order
Roam Artisan Burgers
enjoy lots of different burgers and the fries trio, good apple sauce
Boba Guys San Ramon
choose your drink and select a sweetness level and amount of ice
Fieldwork Brewing Company
no food to order, only drinks, but get your food in the mall and bring it in


stop here to get snacks and necessities when you need it

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