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I spy with my little eye...the beginning of the Alps

Nesselwang, BY, Germany
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Driving in Europe can be a little daunting .Though most countries have the same, or at least similar, road signs, you still have to pay a lot of attention to what you are doing. Of course, now and then you will find yourself to be a little distracted by the sheer awesomeness of where you are. Driving into the Bavarian Alps is one of those times where you start to pay a little less to the road and a lot more to your surroundings. I definitely suggest that you stop in random towns along the way, like we always do, no matter where to see cool the cool sights and nature around you. We stopped in the small town of Nesselwang along the autobahn so we could introduce ourselves to our new surroundings and stretch our legs. It's a great way to make new discoveries and possibly avoid an accident.
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