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I fell in love with British Food

London, UK
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Before leaving for London I heard from multiple people "People don't go to the UK for the food". Yeah? Well I'll certainly be going back and eating more of the local food than I did this last time. I fell in love. I loved the chain Pret A Manger. I loved the random restaurants I popped into because they were on my path. I absolutely loved the Steak and Ale pie at Walkers of Whitehall. I will absolutely be going back there and eating everything on the menu. Steak, onions, mushrooms, and gravy shouldn't be THAT good together. But they were and it was delicious. I like hearty food and living in Florida it's hard to justify making stew in 95 degree weather.The restaurants in the parks also had good food (though nothing will beat that steak and ale pie). Pizza may not be a native food but the restaurant in Hyde Park didn't disappoint while I was able to sit outside and watch people feed the birds. The place in Regents park also had good options. I got mushroom soup and tea that worked well to keep me warm because I refused to sit inside.Out of everything, I didn't enjoy fish and chips and I tried two different locations. I was hoping that even though I don't like it in the states it would be different in England. I guess I just don't like white fish. I did fall in love with mushy peas though, which surprised me. And chips are the same around the world. They can never disappoint me.
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Savoir Faire
Savoir Faire
I ran into this place after visiting the British Museum. It's right around the corner so not a far walk. The store is cute and there was one other couple inside eating who seemed to be regulars. Price was ok, another nice meal to keep me warm while walking the streets.
The Garden Cafe
The Garden Cafe
The soup and tea were perfect for a chilly lunch break.
Walkers Of Whitehall
Walkers Of Whitehall
Best meal I had in London hands down. I used everything on my plate to make sure I ate all the gravy.
Pret a Manger
Pret a Manger
Loved the muffin and coffee first thing in the morning.

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by gdhkona


I love pot pie - its awesome. I also love fish and chips and one of my most distinctive memories of England is sitting on a wall in Chester eating them out of newspaper.