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I chose Icelandic Hotdogs to Eat Over Puffin and Shark

Ólafsvík, Iceland
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I wanted to try Icelandic hotdogs after reading about how good they were and how popular they are with the locals. Some folks mentioned trying puffin or shark, but it just didn’t seem right for us and a puffin seems way to cute to eat. We had tried the hotdog from the famous Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur in Reykjavik which was tasty, but I had also read to just get one at the local gas station. We decided to do this for lunch at SÖLUSKÁLI ÓK in Olafsvik before our whale watching tour. The hotdogs were made from lamb which I have never had outside of Iceland. You can put crispy onion straws on it with remoulade for a different taste. I still think I just prefer ketchup. The hotdog was ok, but not as good as the one we had before it. It did make for a cheap lunch, but I was hotdogged out after having for two meals in a week.
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SÖLUSKÁLI ÓK is a gas station/restaurant that has Icelandic hotdogs with all the toppings

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Laki Tour
You can grab a hotdog at SÖLUSKÁLI ÓK before whale watching

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by kozman


I loved me some Pilsas when we went to Iceland a few years back.