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I Wouldn't Stand Under That!

Moab, UT, United States
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Many of the formations you see in Arches National Park defy the imagination, but none more than one of the park's most iconic features, "Balanced Rock". While the term "balanced" is not exactly correct in that it's one solid piece of stone, not one stone balanced on top of another, it's still pretty impressive. Standing 128 feet tall above the valley floor, it's formed from Entrada Sandstone. The literature says that it weighs in at about 3,600 tons and will eventually come tumbling down due to the same forces that created it, so I think a look at distance is probably a good idea, just in case. In fact, back in 1976 a section that was attached to it did in fact collapse, so better get there quick to see it while it's still there! Amazing and awesomely beautiful, it's one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.
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