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I Love Toronto!

Toronto, ON, Canada
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After visiting my uncle who lives in Windsor, ON, I drove to Toronto, ON by myself. Toronto is a huge city, and this was my first time visiting. I didn't know anyone in this city and I did not want to travel alone, so I met someone from online whose name is Andrew. Andrew is a very nice guy who has lived in Toronto for a decade or so. He showed me almost every corner of the city within just one day. Since I was only staying for a fairly short period of time, I did not stay long at every point of interest. We started at Korean Town. (Not sure if it's called Korean Town, but it's where most Korean people live in Toronto, and it's also where all the Korean restaurants are) We are all familiar with the Times Square in NYC, and Toronto also has its only busiest corner - the Yonge-Dundas Square, which is by no means inferior to Times Square. There are huge crowds of tourists, local people, and street artists all day and night long. It is heaven for people who love shopping and the crowds in metro cities. Afterwards, we went to the famous CN Tower, it is one of the oldest and tallest TV towers in the world. I could see it from almost every part of the city but when I walked to the foot of it, I could feel how big and high it is. I couldn't see the top of the tower because it was in the clouds. He then showed me the gay neighborhood of Toronto - Church Street. It is a must-see if you like the LGBT scenes and culture. Toronto surely has the best. We did not have time stopping by any bars in particular and it was pretty late already, so we ended up having dinner at a very authentic Japanese restaurant. The food was awesome! By the way, Toronto is hosting the World Pride of 2014 in July, and I am so looking forward to going back to Toronto to experience the LGBT culture!
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