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Husavik Whale Watching with Salka Tours

Húsavík, Iceland
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We decided kind of last minute to go whale watching in Husavik and we had a great time, and it was in large part due to the tour company we chose, so I want to highlight them here. First of all, we chose Salka tours, which is 10% off if you book it online. They claim they have a 98% success rate, and that's great and all, but I would assume all the local companies have something similar. What was really special about the experience was that they have a small boat with a small group that comes aboard, and truly informed, compassionate, and passionate employees. I cannot recommend them enough. We were watching the smae whales as the other boats were, but we were all comfortable on the boat, walking around and chatting, while the other boats were crowded to capacity and leaning with the weight of many, many tourists trying to take photos. I enjoyed the vibe, and I enjoyed how much the guide and captain actually, really cared about the animals. It really showed in their enthusiasm and their care. I highly recommend them. The tickets run about $90, and includes gear, coffee, and cookies.
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Culture and experiences

The Húsavík Whale Museum
Another really well done icelandic museum, great experience for any level of interest in or knowledge about whales!


Salka Restaurant
Good food with outdoor seating right by the water, beautiful scenery.

Special activities

Salka whale watching
Salka whale watching
Top notch whale watching tour company with competitive prices and a great staff

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