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How to speak Jamaican

Ocho Rios, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica
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We had one day to spend in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and decided to stick with a ship excursion, to head out to a beach. The port area was not the easiest one to set out to explore on one’s own. Our guide for the day gave us a language lesson. She said they do not use the word “I” nor do they use the word “is.” One would not say, “My name is Jane Doe,” one would say “Me name Jane Doe.” “Me live Jamaica.” She then proceeded to test us all, and all of us failed the test. She persisted and eventually we all got the hang of it. Jamaica mon!
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by INeedAVacation


Great story and I can relate. I was in Ocho Rios for a week. I actually got married there many years ago. At my wedding reception, my brides maid, also known as a hotel staff member lol kept mispronouncing my name. I corrected her several time while laughing and she did finally say it correctly, but with emphasizing certain letter to make it sound funny. It was fun and I can totally relate to your story! Thanks for sharing!