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How do you cruise?

Gdynia, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
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When cruising, there are two groups of people, those who cruise to relax and enjoy the ships and experiences, and those who cruise to see the different ports and hit the exit ramps as soon as the ship docks. We believe we can fit into both categories, that is what is one of the great things about cruising. If we want a port intensive cruise, we love to head to Europe and beyond. If we just want to relax, we head to the Caribbean (or Alaska for the beautiful scenery as well). Also, onboard ship, there are two groups of people as well, those who do ship sponsored excursions and those who like to do their own thing. We mainly do our own thing but it does come with a little anxiety at times. While in Gdynia, Poland (a port stop for the town of Gdansk) we did a private tour. The ship expects everyone to be back onboard normally 30 minutes before sailing time. It was known to us that the traffic in Gdansk can be intense in the late afternoon, so we had plans to make sure we started back to the port in plenty of time to board (one reason the ship excursions are popular is the fact that even if your tour is late getting back to the ship, the Captain will wait; no such guarantee for the private tours). As it would happen, we ran into extreme traffic and time was slipping by, but fortunately we saw a couple of the tour buses in front of us that had ship sponsored excursions, stuck in traffic with us. So, we knew the ship would not leave until their own excursions had arrived. That helped relieve the anxiety. As it turned out, we made it back by the requested time anyway, with four minutes to spare!
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