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How did the Masada siege end?

Masada, North District, Israel
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I was always fascinated by the tragic end of the story of Masada siege 2,000 years ago. When I visited the Masada, I was trying to find information and wanted to have a firsthand look of how the siege actually ended. Most of the story is written in detail by Josephus Flavius. The Roman army led by the general Flavius Silva first built a wall completely surrounding the Masada so that nobody can in and out of the fortress. With the extreme dry weather around, there are still some ruins of those walls visible. It is stunning to see a few Roman camp ruins that are still clearly visible. The Roman army built a ramp on the western side of the fortress (again clearly visible even today) and they pulled an ironclad siege tower housing a battering ram up the ramp and placed against the rebels' western wall. They ablaze the rebels' defense wall and finally it was clearly evident that Romans will come into the fortress the next dawn and the leader of the rebel ordered suicide....
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