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Hotel Highlight: Meneur Hotel!

Madaba, Madaba Governorate, Jordan
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I arrived from Luxor to Amman evening time. Getting through Amman's airport was easy and met the driver right away! I stayed at Meneur hotel which is a boutique hotel located not too far from the city center without the crazy traffic in Amman. My stay was comfortable and the staff were super nice specially with making sure I was able to get a nice meal within an hour upon arrival. lol. The rooms are pretty basic but comfy. There are lots of shops and some restaurants within walking distance from the property. Overall a great stay if you are on a budget!
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Amman international airport
Amman's international airport is huge... it is a far drive from the city center.
Zaatarah & Co Egypt Air
Egypt Air is a great choice from Luxor to Amman.
Royal Jordanian Airlines
Royal Jordanian Airlines is convenient and I flew with them from Amman to Erbil.

Culture and experiences

Roman Theater
The Roman Theater of Amman has a capacity to hold 6,000 people.


Meneur Hotel
Stayed here for one night. Had a great stay just before the long road trip to Petra.
The Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center
Amman has lots of nice luxury hotels to choose from. The Landmark property is very nice and very convenient in terms of locations.

Points of interest

Jordan's capital city of Amman is filled with some cultural and ancient sights worth visiting.
Amman Citadel
Amman's citadel is one of the most famous places in the capital city.
Temple of Hercules
The Temple of Hercules is one of the main attraction inside the citadel of Amman.


Amman Mall
Amman is a nice city to explore besides going to the downtown area for small shops, there are several malls around. We went to Amman mall since it is the closest to our hotel. Nice and modern.

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