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Hotel Eden

16034 Portofino, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
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Next time you find yourself looking for a place to stay in the seaside village of Portofino, Italy, you might want to consider the Hotel Eden. The hospitality starts at the front desk. The guest rooms provide a big helping of quiet relaxation. While the rooms are on the cozy (smaller) side, they are impeccably clean and comfortable. Our room rate included a complimentary breakfast, which was served in the restaurant, where a friendly and efficient staff is on hand to quickly take your order. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and there is a nice terrace and a gift shop to enjoy.
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Ferry Terminal • Battelli Turistici
From here, you can take a ferry to Cinque Terre.


Hotel Eden
Hotel Eden
The view of the harbour from up above is great!
Hotel Eden
Hotel Eden
This hotel is luxury all the way, excellent service too.

Points of interest

This town is perfect for walking, the hills are not too steep.
Via Portofino
Take a drive and see all of the wonderful sights.
Vicolo Portofino
This is a great area to meet up with friends and family.


Whether you love pasta, gelato or espresso, there are plent of eateries here.


Emilio Pucci Srl
This store has fashions desinged by Pucci, one of the best of all time.
Salvatore Ferragamo is a real favorite among the shoe shoppers.
Many of the shops and restaurants here are family owned.

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