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Horsetail and Ponytail Falls

Dodson, OR, United States
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A short drive east from Multnomah Falls and you will reach Horsetail Falls. There is a parking area right across the street just like at Multnomah, but it is far less busy and crowded. Horsetail Falls is right off the road with nothing but a short walk across the street to the viewing point, but to the left of Horsetail Falls is a trailhead that you can take for a bit of a hike.
When we were there, it was only open the half mile up to Ponytail Falls, but the trail does go further up.
To get to Ponytail Falls, it is a series of switchbacks up the side of the hill, and is about a half mile walk each way. It is not difficult but it is a little steep in a couple areas. But it is worth it.
Along the way, there are beautiful views over the Columbia River, and Ponytail Falls itself, although small, is beautiful. It plunged over a rock in a way that the walkway actually goes back behind the falls for a unique perspective.
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Points of interest

Columbia River
Columbia River
The river that runs between Oregon and Washington. Beautiful views of it from the trail up to Ponytail falls
Ponytail Falls (kid friendly trail)
Ponytail Falls (kid friendly trail)
About a half mile hike up from Horsetail Falls. Beautiful secluded waterfall with a walkway behind the falls
Horsetail Falls
Horsetail Falls
Very easy to see waterfall along the Columbia River Gorge. Visible from the road and the starting point of the hike up to Ponytail Falls

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