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Horror In Paradise

Palomino, La Guajira, Colombia
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Leaving Santa Marta on a “colectivo” bus, we made our way to Palomino, a lesser known tropical paradise on the Caribbean. The bus ride was so bad that at some point someone (The Driver I believe) spit out the front of the bus and it came right back in through our window, landing right on my poor wife’s neck. We should have taken that as a sign. But we kept we check into our AirBNB, a tiki type of set up, which we knew had no AC but we were excited to try something different. What we didn’t know was that we would be next to a few properties that had a ton of farm animals! Even so, we said it wouldn’t be that bad. That’s when the power went out. And by out, I mean the whole town lost power. Here we are in a foreign country, a small village, no light, dogs barking, pigs squealing, donkeys doing donkey noises, frogs, insects, etc...I could go on. We didn’t sleep all night as the fans didn’t work either. The next morning we walked to the beach at 6am, snapped some good pics & called a spade a spade. Palomino was a fail for us. The beach itself is beautiful but this was just a case of wrong place, wrong time.
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The beach is basically the only thing to do here so make sure to come check it out. They also have a lazy river you can float down but it lacks adventure.

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