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Chicago, IL, United States
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My first trip to Chicago consisted of visiting the main food places--deep dish pizza, Nutella Cafe, the most popular bubble tea in Chinatown, and the non-edible The Bean. The downtown area of Chicago is surprisingly clean, not at all what I would have imagined a sketch Chicago to be like. The Bean is very touristy and not at all incredible. You will not get a picture that is not crowded in the background and your reflection off of The Bean is less than spectacular. The Nutella Cafe is also not worth a visit. As the ultimate lover of Nutella, I was not impressed by this little cafe. Deep dish pizza is not for everyone, and it certainly isn't for me. The cheese is almost too much (if too much cheese could even be possible!). What made up for this series of disappointments is the bubble tea in Chinatown at Joy Yee's outside bubble tea ordering area. The line for this place is crazy long, but quite fast and efficient. The flavors are different than other bubble tea spots I've been to and all delicious (although rather sweet)! Don't let the 3.5-star rating on Yelp fool you, the bubble tea makes up for what the place lacks in food.
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