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Holiday Light Show

Janesville, WI, United States
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Going to the The Holiday Light Show is one experience you don’t want to miss if you’re in Janesville. A quick ride from the southern part of town and you can be at this an annual event put on by the people at the Rotary Gardens every year and this year our family had a chance to go see it. The Rotary Gardens is a beautiful Botanical Gardens in the summer time and it is even more beautiful when it's all lit up with Christmas lights in the winter. If you want to see the set of over 500,000 twinkling Christmas lights to get you into the Christmas spirit, then head on over to their 2018 Holiday Lights Show. Afterwards there are a ton of restaurants in Janesville where you can go to get warmed up and grab a bite to eat. Overall, it's a great experience and something you should go see if you're passing through Janesville.
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Rotary Botanical Gardens
Rotary Botanical Gardens
Great holiday of lights display. Amazing garden to wander on for kids of all ages and adults too. We had a wonderful tour of the gardens and the capability to see holiday lights and walking paths close up. Fun activity to do during the holiday season especially for a field trip.

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Dawson Ball Field
Located close to the Rotary Gardens, this is a free shuttle bus. This bus picked us up and took us to the Rotary Gardens. It's a free service so I would recommend taking advantage of this service to avoid long traffic lines.
The Rotary Gardens is located by the Armery near the river in downtown Janesville. During the holiday season it has an amazing holiday light show. Tickets prices are only $5 per ticket to enter the event and parking is limited. If you want to get around the traffic congestion so you can find a place to park without walking a mile down the road, I suggest meeting at Dawson Field and catching the shuttle bus to and from activities. It's a free service and easy to use especially for a large group of people.


Panda Express
And if you're looking for some hot food on a cold day, Panda Express is a great place to go when your in Janesville. Their menu shows all Chinese dishes and it serve rice or noodles along with your choice of sides. Prices are reasonable and not very expensive. Also the lines might be long. This place is popular. Highly recommend checking it out.

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