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Hiring boats in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark
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The second day of our Contiki tour was for us to explore on our own. There was a Carlsberg Brewery tour (optional add-on activity) scheduled for the afternoon which I had no interest in, so I instead spent the afternoon with five others on a hired Goboat. We had brought picnic style food and drinks bought at a local supermarket to enjoy on the laid back cruise. The boats go super slow, but it is intended that way to avoid accidents and so that we fully enjoy peaceful canals of Copenhagen. Hiring our own Goboat cost around US$60/hour and we rented for 2 hours, so it came out to approximately US$24 for each of us.
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GoBoat Boat Rental - Islands Brygge
GoBoat Boat Rental - Islands Brygge
Excellent way to spend a sunny afternoon on the water.

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