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Hiking The Cócora Valley in Salento, Colombia

Salento, Quindio, Colombia
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Horses & Coffee & Wax Palm Oh My! We arrived in the the small town of Salento via flight ($27) from Medellin to Pereira and then a short 40 min ($3 bus ride). Incredibly, we found an amazing Hostel, Casa Eliana, just 1 block away from the bus station. We checked in and got ready for some adventure! Our first day we went for the world famous hike in Cócora Valley. Known for their wax palms, a national symbol of Colombia, this hike was everything it was cracked up to be! These slender (not so slender when you stand next to it) trees shoot 60meters straight into the sky! The fallen ones on the ground can be even more impressive because you get to walk on them and realize just how long they are. El Eje Cafetero, otherwise known as the Coffee Region gave us a little challenge with the weather but something about the misty gray and light showers made it a unique experience. (Thanks to the hostel for rain boots) Our second day & again thanks to Jesus from Casa Eliana, we set off for the best horse ride either of us has ever been on. Our horses galloped through rivers & streams, ran up narrow paths to take us to some of the most serene viewpoints you’ll ever find. The town of Salento is extremely cheap! Not affordable, CHEAP! Our private room with an ensuite bathroom was $22/night. A full lunch with soup, salad, grilled fish, potatoes, rice, & lemonade was just $2.50! After traveling all of South America I can easily tell you this is the absolute best BANG for your buck! If the story doesn’t sell it, see the attached pics!
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Valley Cocora - Salento
Valley Cocora - Salento
Go hike this amazing path with sights unlike any other in the world. See the pictures to understand exactly what we mean.

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I want to go! Great pictures and article!