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Hiking America's Rain Forest National Park!

Río Grande, Río Grande, Puerto Rico
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If you're traveling to Puerto Rico for the first time, a visit to El Yunque - the only rain forest in the U.S. Forest System - should be on your bucket list! It's a 40-minute drive from San Juan, and you can easily rent a car for less than $60 for the day. El Yunque is a beautiful national park, with incredible wildlife, unmatchable views, and serene trails. Our trail was 0.8 miles, and a nice dip at a hidden waterfall was definitely the icing on the cake. After visiting El Yunque, stop by Luquillo Beach (which is just a short drive from the park) to enjoy some delicious and authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and a quiet and pristine beach.
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by glennlaz


Looks amazing! This is one place my friends and I didn't get to check out due to a storm the night before! Nice cover photo too *kudos*