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High Tea at the Fairmont Empress

Victoria, BC, Canada
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I lied. We didn't actually do high tea at the Fairmont Empress, the gorgeous, historic landmark facing Victoria's Inner Harbour. I'm not sure why we didn't. I'm sure I wanted to go, and for some reason I thought we did, but when I looked back through my photos, I discovered we only got drinks there (and yummy drinks they were! Mine was nice and frothy). It might have been the cost; it looks like it's about $75 per person. Next time, I'll save up and experience that.

I think my photo might also be outdated/inaccurate; apparently they've removed the ivy, which is truly unfortunate, as it added so much character to the building. I guess I'll just have to force myself to go back to this amazing city and see for myself if the Empress is as majestic as I remember. A darn shame.
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High tea is supposed to be an experience, though it's not cheap.

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