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High ✋ NO!!! High Shoals Falls

Hiawassee, GA, United States
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Every time I go to Georgia in the united states, not the country 🤣 I get a pleasant surprise. This time was a waterfall that most people in GA don't even know about. I love asking people who talk about they love GA go there all the time and can only tell me about Atlanta 🤣 🤣. There is so much more and this amazing waterfall proves it I have been going to GA for the past 12 years and didn't even think that GA had such a beautiful mountain scene I use to be the close individual that went just to visit ATL and enjoy the Jazz scene. But now I am a state traveler and will never only visit ATL shoot I may never visit ATL again 🤣🤣
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High Shoals
High Shoals
You have a few different trails to choose from if you go in the winter season sometimes the roads flood so prepare to be adventurous 🤣

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