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High Desert Biking And Hiking Trail

North Valley, NM, United States
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The Alameda/Rio Grande Open Space area is a popular destination for bicycling and hiking. It is in the small bedroom community of North Valley, New Mexico, just outside of Albuquerque. We visited in early August so we could take a three mile walk away from the city traffic. There is a very large paved parking lot and a primitive restroom right at the start of the trail entrance. The trail runs all around the area and in total covers over 40 miles. It is entirely paved and very well maintained. Unfortunately, it was so hot and we did not have our umbrellas for shade so we ended up diverting to the wetlands area and did more "exploring" than hiking. But, had we been better prepared for the brutally hot desert summer heat this would have been a very enjoyable and safe trail.
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North Valley
North Valley
This is the entrance that we used to access the popular Alameda/Rio Grande Open Space.
North Valley
North Valley
This bridge took us over an irrigation ditch that was dug off of the nearby Rio Grande.
North Valley
North Valley
This is the 40+ mile hiking biking trail. There is very little shade and we were not prepared for the brutal summer heat.

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