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High Country Salmon - New Zealand

Twizel, Canterbury, New Zealand
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I love salmon. Specifically smoked I forced my partner to pull over at High Country Salmon on our drive from Christchurch to Queenstown. It's small, but they are super friendly. We spent some time feeding the salmon and watching them jump, then I bought a bunch of smoked salmon and sashimi for the ride. It was really, really fresh and excellent quality. Pretty much my dream meal! :)
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Peppers Bluewater Resort
Although I didn't stay here, I WISH I could have!! Maybe when I'm a bit older and on a different budget :-) Looks beautiful and I've only ever heard raving reviews.

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The food and wine trail is something you could spend a lot of time immersing yourself in. I would totally spend my honeymoon in Canterbury eating and drinking up all the amazing things this area has to offer.

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