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Hidden Wyoming Creek

Casper, WY, United States
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Casper, Wyoming offers many wonderful places to walk. Some of them are obvious and can be found via pretty much any map. The best ones, however, are a bit more hidden and actually require some effort to find. This was the case for me when, during a hike 10 or so miles outside of town, I stumbled upon a quaint, faintly-flowing creek in the midst of an open meadow. The creek's origins were unknown, but had this been 150 years ago, I would have absolutely stopped what I was doing and started to pan for gold. The creek seemed to hold its own secrets. Sadly, I didn't have time to further investigate the creek, as I was due to return to Casper for the approaching dinner hour. Maybe next time, creek!
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One of the few big population centers in Wyoming; best way to access the central part of the state

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