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Hidden Gem in Big Sur

Big Sur, CA, United States
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One of the highlights of our trip was finding Pfeiffer Beach on our drive in Big Sur. I really liked this beach. The purple sand and the rocks make it very special. A little tricky to find the entrance. We initially drove past it. The road is 1 mile south of Big Sur state park and campground. It’s angled down without a street sign but is marked by a big yellow sign saying “narrow road no pedestrians”.. If you see Big Sur bakery on your right, you just missed it. You can’t park on the main road to walk down, the only option is to drive down this road about 2 miles until you see the rangers. Cost is $10 and then you go on to the parking lots.
The beach area is stunning. We spent a few hours admiring the keyhole and rock formations around it and then walked along the beach to the area with purple sand.
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