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Hershey Park road trip

Derry, PA, United States
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This wasn't the type of road trip I actually wanted to take, since roller coasters weren't my thing. If you read one of my other stories, I didn't get on coasters until Orlando for my girlfriend. This road trip was mostly just to go see Hershey PA and see what the fuss was all about.

This turned out to be a cool road trip, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have since I didn't get on any of the roller coasters. I went for my girlfriend and her little brother anyways and had fun. First stop on road trips when you're from maryland is SONiC drive through!! Since we don't have any close by (closest is 60 miles by the Bay bridge) we always go out of or way to get Sonic.

When we arrived, my girlfriend and her brother got on a bunch of the coasters while I enjoyed the scenes and the small coasters. Definitely a place to go again and actually go on the coasters. You get to learn how Hershey chocolate is made, how Hershey pa came into existence and everything.

Definitely a place to go back since I didn't get the chance to enjoy it as I should have.
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by drw219


Hershey is good without the coasters as well!