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Herald Square

New York, NY 10001, USA
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Visiting NYC can get expensive when you have to pay for food and hotels especially in Time Square. I found the Herald Square to be less expensive for hotels while it is still in a walking distance from the heart of time square. Our hotel (Embassy Suites) was overlooking the largest department store in the world- Macy's. At night time the area gets super cool with lights and festive feelings even if it isn't around the holidays. The Macy's store is an attraction by itself where you can spend hours and hours shopping and it won't end. I also noticed that the store had a new section and an old section as the escalators and stairs drastically changed in appearance. It was obvious that new sections were added throughout the years. The Embassy Suites had complimentary breakfast and light dinner included. For breakfast or late dinner you can eat at Macy's. Sounds so funny to say that, but believe it or not this department store has at least 8 different places to eat. You can find at least one on each floor. Very impressive !
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