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Hemlock Falls

Rising Fawn, GA, United States
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After tearing ourselves away from impressive Cherokee Falls, we went back to the main trail to continue on down to the other half of the waterfall double header on this amazing trail, Hemlock Falls. You have to put in a fair amount of effort for this one though, not necessarily to get there, but to get back out. The trail drops more than 400 feet, mostly on a series of safe and sturdy steps, but there are 600 of them (go ahead and count - we didn't, but others were!). But the climb back out is worth it, because Hemlock Falls is absolutely gorgeous, a perfect flat sheet of water cascading an impressive 90 feet and surrounded by trees and boulders. There are some muddy areas on the trail, so be prepared with your footwear choice. There's also a $5 cash parking pass fee unless you're camping, which covers the parking fee.
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