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Head to Lycabettus Hill For A Great View

Athens 114 71, Greece
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For one of the best pictures of the city of Athens that captures the Acropolis and the Aegean Sea, try to make your way to Lycabettus Hill. Lycabettus Hill is actually the highest point in Athens at 910 feet. Our guide recommended this stop when he could see that I liked taking pictures. Even if you are not in to taking pictures, the view from here is great. It is about an hour walk from the Acropolis to Lycabettus Hill, so I would probably think about hiring a driver unless you have tons of extra time to spend in Athens.
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Lycabettus Hill is a nice stop for a picture of Athens if time allows
One of the best pictures of the Acropolis can be taken from Lycabettus Hill
Mount Lycabettus
Lycabettus Hill is the highest point in Athens and offers a great view of the city

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