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Head To Head With A Lion

Santa Barbara, CA 93103, USA
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Sometimes smaller is better. The Santa Barbara Zoo is small but it has the best animal encounters available versus other larger zoos we've been to. It is close to downtown and easily accessible by the very inexpensive waterfront shuttle. Usually we have a hard time finding the lions at our local zoo. At the Santa Barbara zoo, there's a rock that rises in the middle of his habitat and he was standing right on top of it! Of course I would prefer viewing lions in their natural habitat in Africa, but until we can get there, this will have to be the kind of lion sighting available for my kids.
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State Street Waterfront Shuttle
An inexpensive way to travel to the zoo without the need for car seats.


Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort
A nice resort near the water, providing easy access for morning or evening strolls on the beach.

Points of interest

State Street
Great for strolling, people watching, window shopping, and and eating.
Santa Barbara Zoo
Small but packs a big punch. See the lions and try the giraffe feeding.
Santa Barbara
Cute town with lots of character and beautifully located near the water.

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