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Hay Cabins

Huopalahti, Finland
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When you tour the Seusaraari Open-Air Museum on Seuaraari Island outside of Helsinki, Finland one of the attractions you will see are the sod-roofed, dirt-floored hay storage cabins. These cabins come from the shores of Lake Pulmankijarvi in Lapland, Finland. Yep, that’s a mouthful. These cabins date from some time in the 19th century. Lake Pulmankijarvi is located in the far north of Finland and the northern section of the lake extends into the country of Norway. These are a far cry from how hay is stored now-a-days. If you happen to fimd yourself in Helsinki, Finland I highly recommend a vist to this Open-Air Museum. Oh, and be sure to try the coffee and Finnish sweet rolls at the farm house.
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The Open-Air Museum where you find these interesting Hay Cabins is located on Seurasaari Island

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