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Have you ever turned down a free upgrade?

Mingus, TX, United States
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Okay, I have a serious question. Have you ever turned down a free rental car upgrade? Have you ever turned down an upgrade to a Mustang convertible? Believe it or not, I actually turned down a free upgrade to such a car recently. You might think I'm crazy, but I decided I wanted to lower my risk and liability a bit.

Long story short, I was going to be in Dallas Texas during severe weather season. There was only a minor threat for hail, but still a bit of a threat nonetheless. In addition, I was going to be hauling some camera and computer equipment and I thought that the Mustang Convertible might have attracted attention and also been easier to break into. Besides, I do not know if the police tend to watch Mustang convertibles more closely than Nissan Altimas, but you never know. Granted, I was not doing anything illegal but I still don't mind reducing my chances of getting pulled over. Finally, I figured that the Nissan Altima would be a little cheaper on gas. Thus, between the gas savings, the desire to not get pulled over, and the threat of a hail storm, I decided not to take the free upgrade.

Granted, I do have auto insurance and I did pay for the damage waiver but I decided to take a Nissan Altima which did not stand out as much. I like to blend in when I travel - even if I am just going to Dallas.

Am I crazy for declining this upgrade? Has anybody else done this?
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by gefe57


BelfryBat, I personally would’ve turned down the convertible mustang as well. I would rather have the security of a hard top and mot important, I don’t fit to well in mustangs. HaHaHa!

by BelfryBat


I am glad that I am not the only one. I would have liked to have driven the Mustang, but not in the middle of Dallas during severe weather season...

by Stormtroopin2


I've turned down a stang upgrade before too. I needed more room, a softer ride, and better mpg for a long trip. I frequently turn down SUV upgrades on mpg grounds as well. Hard to beat a Nissan Altima as a rental car in my book.

by Echochaser21


I have only rented a car once, in the UK, and the upgrade was to a diesel vehicle that was actually better on mpg so I happily took it. However, I think if I had been in your boat, I would have done the same thing! Intention matters driving something like that.

by krystalfish


I was recently offered a free upgrade to a Mustang convertible as well, but also turned it down because I was travelling with my parents and I knew they would not appreciate sitting in a convertible. The one time I got this free upgrade was the one time I wouldn't take it...

by Skye19


I 100% decline them all the time. I'd rather save on gas mileage and have a smaller car for parking!

by BelfryBat


Thanks for the feedback everybody. I did take an upgrade to an SUV back in October - but it was a Nissan Rogue and I was thinking about buying one. I considered it to be an extended test drive - and I liked it. I agree with Stormtroopin2 - a Nissan Altima is just about perfect as a rental car. Not too big, not too small, good on gas, comfortable, blends in, not a prime target for thieves, etc.