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HK's Avenue of Stars!

Kowloon, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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Hong Kong's Avnue of Stars is similar to the Hollywood's walk of fame. Personally I enjoyed the avenue of Stars more since its close to the harbor and it was a lot cleaner and spacious. I'm not a pro on Hong Kong's film industry, but here you'll learn some of the iconic people in their film and entertainment industry. The views from here is beautiful, so make sure to take a full day of hald the day to venture out to the Avnue of Stars. Within the Avenue of Stars, you can also visit the following places here: Space Museum, Cultural Center, Clock Tower, and more. At night you can also catch the Symphony of Light show here!
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Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong International airport is efficient and huge. Lots of cool shops here.
United Airlines Inc
I had a pretty good experience flying with United to and from Hong Kong.
The Peak Tram
You have to book your ticket early the Tram takes you up to the Peak!

Points of interest

Hong Kong Space Museum
Hong Kong's space museum is located in the Avenue of Stars. Pretty interesting building in the area.
Bruce Lee Statue
You can spot the statue of Bruce Lee at the Avenue of Stars.
The Peak
We made it to the Peak! Definitely a bucket list moment for me. Love the views over here and we lucked out because it wasn't foggy that morning.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong's food scene and the culture were the highlights of our trip.

Special activities

Ngong Ping Village
The Ngong Ping Village is located near the Tian Tan Buddha. Make sure to check out all the shops and good food.
Tian Tan Buddha
The Tian Tan Buddha is one of the main attraction on the entire island.
Avenue Of Stars
The Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong's version of the Hollywood fame.

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