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Guided tour to the Budapest parliament, great experience

Budapest, 1055 Hungary
13 Kudos
ATTENTION: tickets must be purchased on the internet in advance because they are almost never available on the same day and, in any case, guided tours in Italian have specific times (I think 4 / 5 depart a day, not more). Once booked, you enter from the visitor center at the scheduled time (the entrance is lateral to the main entrance of the parliament, there is a staircase that descends into the basement). The guided tour is in groups of 30 and the guides speak perfectly and are very kind. The building inside is beautiful and worth a visit, especially because you can see up close.
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Points of interest

St. Stephen Statue
the Crown of Saint Stephen which for Hungarians has a very important patriotic value.
House of Parliament Visitor Centre
Be careful to buy tickets on the OFFICIAL website of the Parliament because if you buy them on other sites you risk paying them more (even double).
Hungarian Parliament Building
but should instead make the wonderful experience of the guided tour to the Budapest parliament, which costs around ten euros per person (students pay less).
All tourists simply look at the Budapest parliament from the outside

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