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Guesthouse Nýp in Iceland

Tálknafjörður, Westfjords Region, Iceland
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Iceland is a hot new destination, likely due to the wave of inexpensive fares. My friend and I road tripped around the ring road in 9 days staying at various hotels and guesthouses (or bed & breakfasts). Our favorite was, by far, Guesthouse Nýp in western Iceland. Make sure to gas up your car and get snacks before making the drive here because the closest, well, anything is 45 minutes away. The owner, Thora, makes her own breads and teas from ingredients found in her own garden. She even let us pick some of her lettuce before taking off to the city. Ask a head of time and she’ll happily give you a seaweed seminar.
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Wonderful place to stay, ocean view, very nice owners, peaceful, a great place to disconnect from stress

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