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Greyest city ever

Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Aberdeen is the "granite city," as it had huge deposits and a seaport by which to ship it. There was also an explosion in local city planning & growth that occurred in the late 1800s, right after some industrial advances in cutting made granite a great building material. So EVERYTHING here is made of granite. Particularly the more grander designed are attractive in the castle kind of way, but it's block after block of grey granite buildings, the vast majority of which don't even have any colorful trim or shutter accents. Add to that the fact that all of our short stay was foggy, and it has quite an impact.
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Aberdeen Airport
Flying time was not much more than an hour on this 50ish-seat Wideroe propeller plane. We were pleasantly surprised to get a free boxed meal. One upside of flying from one small airport to another is the fastest passport controls ever.

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