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Grand Canyon Caverns spelunking

Peach Springs, AZ 86434, USA
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You ever been somewhere so remote that when you enter an unfamiliar establishment it all of a sudden gets really quiet and the two or three people inside turn to look towards you as the door you just walked in through closes? That’s what happened when we entered Grand Canyon Caverns tours & cafe. A dramatic moment in time that mimics the movies.

For a split second we questioned the validity of such a desolate facility. Yet we soldiered on.

I’m glad we did. The best part of taking a tour at this lesser known cave was the unintentional private tour. Absolutely no other participants than my husband and I.

The name itself is kind of misleading. It actually isn’t in the Grand Canyon but off Route 66. They say parts of the cavern spread out so far that it has air vents that stretch out all the way to the Grand Canyon. Hence the name.

This large cavern had a suite room inside people could rent overnight and various little caves and a “mystery room” we got to crawl around.

At one point when we got to crawl inside one of these little caves and the guide turned off the light we realized the gravity of true darkness in a cave.

Such a unique experience.
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Hualapai Lodge
Nearby hotel that is run by the Hualapai Tribe within their reservation. Stayed here. Clean typical hotel.

Points of interest

Grand Canyon Caverns
Lesser known tourist spot that offers cave tours. Has a gift shop, cafe and campsite.

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