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Grabbing some lunch... by ourselves.

Gondorf, RP, Germany
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I really did not consider out trip to Gondor to be the off season. We were there in the spring, but we had basically the whole town to ourselves. Maybe it is so small and out of the way that it is always like this. Because the place was so deserted, we were concerned that we would not be able to get some food because why would they open for a few people? Luckily, the restaurant was open. They had a limited menu, but it seemed to be like that all of the time, not just because there wasn't anybody there. We helped ourselves to burgers, chicken nuggets and the most delicious veggie burger I've ever had. We were glad that we were able to grab some grub!
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A small hotel in the area if you want to stay by the park

Points of interest

The entrance to the park can be found on this road. One of the few that actually goes through this small town.
A super fun ride in the park. Like an American log ride.
A very small town with a small amusement park that is fun for all ages.
The small park that apparently has food even when no one is there.

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