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Gouvy train station

Gouvy, WAL, Belgium
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Riding the train in Belgium is rather cheap, with a lot of discounts available for weekend trips, families and youth. Up to four people under 12 can ride free with an adult on all trains in Belgium as long as they are with a paid adult. The only catch is that you have to start your journey to a destination in Belgium, from a station in Belgium. Starting in a neighboring country, such as Germany where my brother lives, adds to the price significantly. Because of this, a lot of people stationed in Germany will drive 40 minutes to the small train station of Gouvy, Belgium. This station only has three tracks and a small parking area (which is free), There is a place for a person to assist you, but no one was there when we visited both times. There is a ticket kiosk outside by the tracks, but I suggest buying your tickets online before you get there and printing them out (required, they will not accept a PDF on a phone). There is also only a paper print out of where the trains are going and coming from, so no electronic boards by the trains to help you ensure you are at the right track.It's a great place to start your journey in Belgium by train, but make sure to arrive with plenty of time (we had mere minutes to make our train after being stuck behind some very slow moving vehicles on the way) to check the track you need to be at. Odds are you will be one of the few people there and parking will not be an issue, but needing to check a paper schedule takes a little extra time.
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Gare de Gouvy
Gare de Gouvy
The train station has one ticket kiosk, three tracks and a small parking area, which you can use for free.

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This small town in Belgium is the home of the train station where many start their journey with the Belgian railway system.

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