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Got 2 hours? Can you walk? I can show you London!

London, England, United Kingdom
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I have visited London several times and I have lived there for a while. This used to be my morning, afternoon, night or 'showing London to my friends" walking route. I used to start from Hamstead and depending on how much time I had or what ny visitors would like I would extend it accordingly! It is the best way to see most of London's attractions and get your first feeling of London's life!

Let's start from Primrose Hill:You can get there from Belsize Park Tube station it is a 10 minute walk! You can see the whole London. The view is fabulous!

Walk down the hill towards Regent’s park (5-10 minutes)You will end up on the northern part of Regent’s park close to the London’s Zoo (You will see the Giraffes’ heads!) Walk through Regent’s Park or get a Barclay’s Bike to ride towards the south! (There are specific routes that you are allowed to ride on a bike and some that you are not).No matter which exit you take you are going to be close to Baker’s street Tube station. 221b Baker Street is on your right! (The Sherlock Holmes Museum).

Continue south, all the way down Baker Street (10 minutes) and you will end up to Oxford Street. On your left is Selfridges famous departments store and on your right Marks and Spencer. Turn left and walk through crowded oxford street.If you feel hungry or need a refreshment, just before Bond Street Tube station turn on your left to find St. Christopher’s place!

Continue until you reach Regent Street and turn right (Oxford Circus Tube Station)! If you have children with you they will stop you for sure at Hamley’s toy store (on your left) while you walk towards Piccardily Circus!

Next stop will be Leicester Square (you can pass through China Town)From Leicester Square walk down Charring Cross Road towards Thames River (15minutes). On your right you will see The National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery by the Trafalgar Square! Continue towards Westminster Tube Station. You will also pass Downing Street (on your right side) where the Prime Minister's official residence is.A few more minutes of walk and you have reached The House of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and London Eye. Turn back towards Green Park to see Buckingham Palace (15minutes).

This walk is mostly for daytime that the parks are open for the public but can be modified for night (walk outside the parks or instead of going through Regent’s park go through Camden Town and see famous Camden Market.
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Bars and nightlife

This is a bar-club-restaurant. I have been to all rooms it has. One is only private so you won't be able to eter unless you know someone. The bar restaurant has very good main dishes (I do not like the starters). The other rooms are mostly for drinks. One is mostly for dancing. Make sure you visit the restrooms! They are like egg shels and when you flush there is some clapping! :P They also host some exchibitions and special events

For kids

Whether you have kids, or you feel like it... stop by Hamley's in Regent's Street! Each floor is dedicated to different types of toys. As an adult I enjoy most the magician's floor where people perform magit tricks next to you. Kids will love each floor with any kind of toy you can imagine being displayed. Be prepared to pay the price though!

Points of interest

Downing Street
Downing Street
Walking from Leicester Square towards Big Ben, you pass Downing Street (on your right side) where the Prime Minister's official residence is. See also the Horse guards and take photos
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square
Don't miss the famous square! And if you in to art the National Gallery and National Portrait Galley are open throughout the year and are for free.
Regent's Park
You can walk or take your bicycle or a Barclay's bike through the park. Check for opening hours, activities, specia exhibitions,etc throughout the year at If you visit during Summer check out the schedule for the open air theatre. it is really amazing!
Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill
For a clear view of central (and not only) London from 60m high! Great spot for photographs! See also the "Shakespeare's Tree"


Tea Terrace
Whether you go in House of Fraser for shopping or you pass by walking in Oxford str, I would recommend having a cup of tea in the Tea terrace on the 5th floor of House of Fraser.
On the go, or to sit down while walking in Oxford str. famous for its Lebanese Shawarma! Is not my favorite but lot of people love it!
Busaba Eathai St Christopher's Place
If you fancy Thai food it is a great choice! Most probably you will need to wait in line since this place is really busy, unless you want to reserve. There are several other locations.
For fresh waffles and ice cream! Lot of flavours. Ice cream is nice, but not perfect.
The Providores
Great place for brunch. During the weekends you will have to wait at the line for a while. Serves great cappuccino and the chorizo is delicious. For later in the day, tapas and nice coctails. It is definately one of the "must-go" places in Marylebone high Str
The Golden Hind
For the best fish and chips (according to my taste) in London. You can brind you own alchoholic beverages.
great turkish restaurant for casual dinning or take away. The atmosphere is nothing special but the food is pretty good. Also stays late at night. I like the kofte a lot
I love ice cream! At the food corner of Selfridges (you can enter from Baker str.) is Oddono's Gelati! They have several flavours and the ice cream is very good. They have some standar flavours and some specials. My favorite used to be Panetonne (but could not find it always). There is another store in Hampstead.
Ginger & White
Ginger & White
This is the best place for coffee, breakfast or brunch for me. It has 2 locations, one in Hampstead and one in Belsize Park. Coffee is soo good. I also love the banana loaf. But whatever I have tasted is so good. whether to sit in or on the go for your walk!
Le Relais de Venise
In this restaurant there are no reservations and there is no menu. It is steak with french fries and a secret recipe sauce that is really tasty. Your waitress will ask you how you would like your steak cooked – Blue, Rare, Medium or Well done. Then they will bring you a green salad. then your steak in 2 servings with lot of french fries. Then there is a very limited dessert menu. I firsthly tried this restaurant in Paris. I waited in the line waiting for a table wondering why... then you try it and you think ok it is nice...but then you want to come back and eat it again. Prices are fixed and you need to wait especially at peak times!

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