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Do you like weasel coffee?

Ho Chi Minh City, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
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Cu Chi is a popular destination for the avid traveler passing through Saigon. There are many tour companies that leave twice a day for the tunnel tour (about two hours away) that sends you back into the depths of the Vietnam War. Although the video at the beginning is slight propoganda, the site itself is amazing. Your tour guide will have a wealth of unbiased knowledge to share about the Vietnamese people and their forward thinking. You will have the opportunity to crawl through a tunnel used by the northern forces as they closed in on Saigon. You will also have the chance to see how they established a system of booby traps and exactly how ornate the cu chi tunnel system really was. Light lunch of tea and soup is provided during the tour as it was a typical meal for early era soldiers. You will finish the day with a quick stop for some weasel coffee and head back to the charming city of Saigon.
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