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Good looking Giant's Causeway

Causeway Rd, Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK
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Many things have been written around this cliff - the hexagonal basaltic rocks are certainly very suggestive and worth a visit. it is necessary to specify that there are two ways to get there. The first and directly by car which cost for the entrance of a family is around around 31 pounds including parking and entrance to the Visitor Center. Convenience is not there If not of course you avoid having to drive and go crazy to park. But as far as the price is concerned the Visitor Center in itself is nothing special. There is nothing special . There is a cafeteria usually Book Shop where they sell you everything. there is a cartoon that is cyclically projected with the history of the giant and there are some indications to level set the science and the discovery and on the research done around the basaltic rocks. More interesting is surely the excursion out of the Visitor Center you can take two paths the blue one that goes down directly towards the cliff and towards the rocks. Or you can take the red path that runs along the whole cliff from the top until you reach a crossroads going down 162 steps then you arrive at the most spectacular and amusing cliff. Overall it is a very suggestive and interesting visit also for children
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Or you can leave the car at bushmills and have them take you to the Visitor Center by shuttle bus in this case they will tell you that there is a price discount for example a family is of 27 pounds so in conclusion this great

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