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Good Ol’ Guatape

Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia
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A charming town with one of the world’s largest rocks you can go up on foot, Guatape is a bit so hidden gem that many Paisa’s flock to for their weekend getaway. With the weather on our side our main activity was to scale up El Peñol De Guatape. 740 steps straight to the top will give you some of the most impressive 360 degree views you will ever see. Aside from that main activity there are water sports, zip lining (not recommended), horseback riding and some tour boats that take you to see “Pablo Escobar’s vacation home”. (Also not recommended). Guatape is a great place you can spend 2 days in and get to see most things including the main plaza with its beautiful church. The main drawback here was that all the food we had was quite underwhelming & we like our good food! It’s a must visit just for its main attraction. I should mention that we were rained in for 1 of our 2.5 days here but the views of “El Peñol” from our AirBNB made that more than ok with us. :-)
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El Peñol
El Peñol
El Peñol de Guatape is the town’s main attraction. Climbing about 740 steps you make it to the top to have some views that will surely take your breath away. See attached pictures!

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