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Good Flow at Pedernales Falls

Henly, TX, United States
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Apparently, I picked a good day to go to Pedernales Falls State Park west of Austin, Texas. There was enough flow to make the waterfalls look great. Yet, the river was still low enough that it did not conceal the interesting rock formations in the river. Furthermore, the river was flowing strongly, but it was not muddy.

Give him the clear water and the good flow, I picked the correct day to bring my tripod and DSLR camera with me. Those photographs are large enough that I would have to greatly reduce them to post here. This photograph was taken with my cell phone camera but it will still give you a good idea of what the flow was like that day. Texas has had a wet fall and winter so the Pedernales River should have good flow through the spring. If you visit Pedernales Falls State Park in the next few months you probably will not be disappointed.
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