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Go Wake Forest!

Wake Forest, NC, United States
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I'm not a huge sports fan but I have a friend who is doing a one year surgical fellowship in sports medicine at Wake Forest so I have surprisingly found myself attending football games this year. While I barely know what's going on in the game, I have to say that all the pomp and circumstance that comes along with the game can be pretty exciting and you can get really swept up in the action and excitement even though you don't know what a first down is. Another thing is the extreme amount of tangible hope in the air, since these kids are so young and their whole career depends on every move. WF doesn't feel the way I thought a football town should feel though, like I thought I was going to be instantly transported to a Friday Night Lights set. Still, I could be coaxed to go to another game, especially in the mild weather of Winston Salem, NC.
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Wake Forest
Wake Forest
This University is really beautiful to walk around and the sports facilities are pretty amazing too


This is a little place to get friend food and beer, like the kind that goes after football games;)

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Wake Forest Baptist Health
I hope you don't HAVE to go here during your trip but I have spent time at the facilities and they are really top notch

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