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Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp

Yosemite Valley, CA, United States
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Glen Aulin is one of the Yosemite High Sierra camps. These camps are only accessible by hiking or by mule, but they provide an amazing "luxury" wilderness experience for anyone fortunate enough to stay at them.

The camps offer "tent cabins" that guests can stay in. They also have a camping area for backpackers. The cabins come equipped with cots, storage cubbies for hanging clothes, a community table and chairs, and a barrel stove with wood. Even though I was there in August it still got cold enough at night that we made a fire every night to keep our cabin cozy.

The camps also have a dining hall where supper and breakfast are served for all the guests. The meals are served family style and they are incredible! There is PLENTY of food -- even for a crowd of hungry hikers and mule riders. And when you consider that everything they are serving us has to be packed in by mules it is even more incredible.

It is a lottery system to be able to stay at the High Sierra Camps, and it is not cheap to do. But it is an amazing experience and well worth it.

Lastly, every camp has a unique feature. At Glen Aulin it was an enormous waterfall just steps from the camp. The sound of the waterfall lulled us all to sleep at this wonderful camp.
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Glen Aulin
Glen Aulin
This is one of the High Sierra camps where hikers, backpackers and mule riders can stay in wilderness luxury.

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